Why use a headhunter?

Against a background of an increasingly competitive battle for talent, Morgan Philips Executive Search would like to offer you 10 good reasons for using a direct-approach specialist for your high added-value recruitment.

1) Be ambitious when hiring talent.

Good is just not good enough! A fantastic candidate can make a huge difference to your company’s turnover and profits compared to candidate who is just good. A headhunter will help you and always encourage you to recruit the best compared to what else is available on the job market.


2) To recruit a director: a thorough search is a must

To be sure to recruit the best on the market you must consider all the market. To do this you must also talk to potential recruits who are not actively seeking a new job and therefore use a recruitment firm specialised in direct approach.


3) You are looking for a candidate with a mix of rare skills

The recruitment of the right candidate is finding a mix of skills, experience, fit, ambition and emotional intelligence. It is often like searching for a needle in several haystacks – which are dotted around the world. Only a headhunter, with a global network and powerful search software, will be able to help you with this kind of search.

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4) Recruiting means following a thorough process

It is important to work with specialists because they will not only help you to define your needs but will also question your choices, bringing the necessary impartiality to the important decision of hiring a senior manager or expert.


5) You will save time

Searching for and recruiting a manager takes a great deal of time. A headhunter, with the support of a research centre, can scan dozens of profiles before sending you the 5 best. Your time is too precious to waste sending out in-mails on Linkedin or trying to find contact details for potential candidates.

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6) You will have access to several networks

If you have exhausted your own professional network, it is time to access other networks to find the best candidates.

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7) Recruiting the best on the market gives you a strategic advantage

When you call on a headhunter specialised by practice, you are working with a consultant who has a reference base which is more developed than that of an occasional recruiter which is, in fact, what you are. A headhunter sees a lot of people and very often. The frames of reference will be better, sharper and more precise.

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8) Confidentiality: what if you have to replace a manager who is still in position?

Trust is a key element in the relationship between a company and a headhunter. Confidentiality: what if you want to recruit someone from a competitor with which you have a good relationship? A headhunter can help avoid conflict with competitors.


9) Your management team lacks diversity

A headhunter will have access to numerous databases and numerous networks, will speak to numerous candidates and will not be tied to preconceptions about the type of profile, with the outcome that you will have a shortlist of candidates coming from various backgrounds.


10) You do not have a pool of future senior managers

A headhunter will help you to build a talent pool which will enable you to prepare an effective succession plan for your key staff.

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