Information System is today considered as a strategic function of any business, a tool to face globalization and aggressive competition.

Information System must be aligned with the strategy and the changing needs of different functions. Gaining operational excellence, better quality of service and in-depth client knowledge makes Information System a real competitive advantage and will contribute to the ultimate goal of reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Moreover the creation of shared service centers, new outsourcing IT modes, and new technologies are challenging Information System Managers. They now need to assume more strategic roles within the company, while facing increasingly strong profitability requirements.

Sector of expertise: Software editors, constructors, integrators, IT Services / Technologies: Cloud, ERP, Storage, BI, Big Data, Safety, CRM, RTB, BMP, SaaS



Cross-channel strategies consist in product distribution strategies using multiple channels. In recent years, these strategies have played a significant role in improving customer service but also reducing transportation costs.

The new digital era has disrupted consumer habits; brands are now facing a change in customer behavior. It is not uncommon to see average consumer purchases begin on the web or on their cellphones and finalizing the process in the store to test the product. Digital technology has forced brands to monitor their image and match competitors’ innovative strategies. Despite the complexity of implementing cross-channel strategies, several studies confirm that the cross-channel consumer is more profitable than the average consumer.

Sector of expertise: Retail, Travels, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, FinTech, Medical Labs, Luxury Goods



As the world becomes increasingly complex and open, managers have to think faster and ensure a consistent cross-channel online/ offline presence. The end of duality between commerce and e-Commerce will mark the beginning of a new era: the “connected commerce”. Physical and virtual stores will be more than ever interconnected and connected to the outside, creating a new proximity to consumers. According to PWC, “The ability to integrate across channels enables retailers to give consumers what they want quickly and efficiently”.

e-Commerce regulation will become a major issue, as it must support its development, provide a balanced environment that will both seal consumer confidence and encourage companies to invest in technology and innovation to meet future trade requirement.

e-Commerce will become a shopping experience fully integrated to real life. Retailers will have no choice but to develop viable cross-channel capabilities. By changing their structure, they will improve their logistics, technology and organization.

Sector of expertise: FMCG’s, Fashion, Luxury Goods, Food & Beverages, Mainstream electronics, Services



Morgan Philips Executive Search has international presence. Within IT, Digital and E-commerce practice, we have dedicated consultants in each office. Our consultants’ mission is to act as your business partners and trusted advisors for either local or international requests. They are familiar with both local and global assignments and have developed a unique knowledge in their respective sectors and professional community, understanding their markets and taking into account the increasing complexity of regulatory constraints as well as cultural trends to satisfy clients’ needs. Morgan Philips head-hunters help you target new talents and allocate the right resources in the right geographies globally, regionally as well as locally


Our IT, Digital and E-commerce practice will help companies assess and benchmark their employees with other talents on the market. Our goal is to give you access to best fitted talent and develop your corporate profile through the HR element. Our practice can positively interfere in evolving and implementing your business and hiring strategies in complex and fast-moving environments.


We offer extensive and cross border expertise strongly rooted into local markets with a local view benefitting from the best of both multi local international network and global offshore centers. As there is strong demand for the best talents at the right price in the IT, Digital E-commerce industry, we offer specific research and unique hiring strategies for each of our clients. Morgan Philips is helping companies to attract, develop and retain unique talents.

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