“Banking will always be needed but banks as we know them could easily disappear”, Bill Gates has said.

Traditional banks and financial institutions have been regularly challenged and threatened by the arrival of new entrants offering innovative business models and services based on new technology. That has started to change the customer experience, as well as the conventional banking offer. Oddly enough, the customer need is eventually due to finally become the number one priority of the major players in financial services.  Building loyalty around the right ergonomics to assist the client is not negotiable.

As technology is increasingly becoming a part of banking, customers are expecting to find all services available online and personalized offers or products through simple and functional applications. The use of face-to-face meetings will remain, but limited to high value exchanges around selective issues.

Indeed, banks need to fully engage in these massive technological changes, as customers are increasingly looking for value added services, to help them understand their finances.  They will be led to invest huge amounts of capital, IT and human resources. Banks, asset & wealth management companies have to change their operating model from a product-oriented to a customer-driven organization, to proactively stay ahead of the market and continuously innovate to justify their fees.

12 billion dollars is invested annually in Fin Tech globally.  The universally low rates and new regulatory environment, the structural market uncertainties, the consolidation of long standing players and the launching of new ones and the Post Brexit context in Europe – all these factors, to mention but a few, will have an impact on how financial institutions should prepare their respective futures.

We are here to help and ease that process and bring the right human capital to make it a success.

Sectors of expertise: Asset Management & Alternative Investments, Consumer & Commercial Banking, Digital/Fintech, Financial Technology, Electronic Trading & Transaction Services, Financial Function, Risk Management, Insurance, Life, Non life , Global Markets, Investment Banking/ M&A/DCM/ECM, Private equity and portfolio companies, Wealth Management/ Private Banking/Foundations/Family Offices, Financial Services Related Consulting firms.



Morgan Philips Executive Search has an international presence. Within the Banking, City & Fintech practice, we have dedicated consultants in each office. Our consultants’ mission is to act as your business partners and trusted advisors for either local or international needs. They are familiar with both local and global assignments and have developed a sound knowledge in their respective sectors and professional community, understanding their markets and taking into account the increasing complexity of regulatory constraints as well as cultural trends to satisfy clients’ needs. Morgan Philips Consultants help you target new talent and allocate the right resources in the right areas – internationally, nationally and locally.


Our Banking, City & Fintech practice can help banks, asset & wealth managers, large Investment and commercial banks as well as boutiques, private equity funds and their portfolio companies to assess and benchmark their employees against the market. Our goal is to give you access to the most suitable talent and develop your corporate profile through the HR aspect. Our practice can positively intervene in evolving and implementing your business and hiring strategies in complex and fast moving environments.


We offer an extensive and cross border expertise strongly rooted in local markets with a local view benefitting from the best of both worlds i.e. a multi local international network and global offshore centres. As there is a strong demand for the best talent at the right price in the Banking and FinTech industry, we offer specific research and unique hiring strategies for each of our clients. Morgan Philips is helping companies to attract, develop and retain top talent in Financial Services, Global Banking, Insurance and Fin Tech.

Recently completed recruitments
  • Chief Executive Officer – Private Banking Institution – France – EUR 1.5 Mio
  • Chief Information Officer – Private Bank Institution – France – EUR 600K
  • Chief Technology Officer – European Bank – UK – GBP 280K
  • Global Head of Asset Management – Private Banking Institution – Switzerland – CHF 1.2 Mio
  • Global Head of Product – Private Equity Fund Portfolio CY – UK – GBP 140K
  • Global Head of Legal & Compliance – Private Equity Fund – France – EUR 230K
  • Deputy Head of Private Wealth Management – Private Bank – France –   EUR 550K
  • Senior Relationship Manager UHNWI – Private Bank – Switzerland – CHF 250K
  • VP M&A – Investment Bank – UK – GBP 210K
  • Associates M&A – Global Investment Bank – Hong Kong – USD 155K
  • Head of Digital Automation – Market Research – Middle East – USD  180K
  • Chief Financial Officer – European Bank – Germany – EUR 450K
  • Head of Credit Structuring – Bank – France 115 EURK
  • Lead Sales Engineer North America – Fin Tech – USA – USD 210K
  • Manager North American Talent Acquisition – Fin Tech – USA – USD 180K
  • Senior Family Officer – Family Office – Luxembourg – EUR 140K
  • Senior Risk Manager – Asset Management – Hong Kong – USD 145K
  • Investor Director France – European Private Equity Fund – France – EUR 200K
  • Senior Managing Director – Risk Management – Germany – EUR 240K
  • Compliance Manager – Banking – Singapore – USD 220K

Our team of headhunters specialised in Banking and Fintech are led by :

Jean-François Monteil

Managing Director | Banking & City
France, UK & Switzerland

2nd Floor, Berkeley Square House Berkeley Square, Mayfair London, W1J 6BD

+33 1 70 64 84 85

Charles du Pontavice

Managing Director

rue de l’Arquebuse, 12 1204 Genève

+41 22 807 04 40

Rémi Fouilloy

Managing Director
Belgium & Luxembourg

74, avenue de la Faïencerie, L-1510 Luxembourg

+352 27 12 53 30 30

Marion Navarre

Managing Director
Middle East & Africa

191 avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

+ 33 1 58 56 59 54
Banking, City & Fintech

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