According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Aerospace & Defense Sector Outlook, the industry is expected to return to growth with total sector revenues estimated to grow at 3 %. This recovery follows years of declining revenue growth of 3.2 % in 2013, 1.9 % growth in 2014, and an expected decline of minus 0.5 % in 2015.

Over the last three years, decreased revenues in the United States (US) defense subsector had impacted the industry. However, this year’s growth is expected to be fueled by an increase in the US defense budget, a resurgence of global security threats, and an increase in defense budgets of key nations around the world. In addition, relatively stable growth in global gross domestic product (GDP), lower crude oil and other commodity prices, and constant increases in passenger travel demand will contribute to the growth in production rates for next-generation commercial aircraft.

Asia Pacific presents countless opportunities for aerospace manufacturers, MRO companies (maintenance, repair & overhaul), general aviation and aerospace players. Appetite for air travel continues to grow in the region. The two largest aircraft manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing, both project that the global fleet size will double over the next two decades, with Asia taking over a third of worldwide aircraft deliveries.  It is estimated that Asia Pacific’s fleet will triple to about 43.560 aircrafts by 2034.

The defense sector is facing a transition; the innovative sourcing is considerably changing the profile of sought-after talent. With technological advances, the pursuit of new geographical zone and the willingness to reduce cost, requires profiles with unique skills to combine technical and practical knowledge, Morgan Philips is committed to finding you these exclusive profiles.

Sectors of expertise: Aerospace OEMs, Aerospace Manufacturing, Aerospace MROs, Aviation, Defense, Leasing Companies



Morgan Philips Executive Search has an international presence. Within the Aviation, Aerospace & Defense practice we have dedicated consultants in each office. The mission of our headhunters is to be your local partner for either national or international search, and select the best talents when you need to recruit experts within our area of expertise.


Facing very demanding clients, Morgan Philips has an excellent knowledge of the market – the Aviation, Aerospace & Defense practice is managed by local industry experts’, but with a global view.


With a very strong demand for talent in the Aerospace, Aviation & Defense industries, Morgan Philips Executive Search has developed unique head hunting strategies and a specific search approach for each mission.

Due to the market knowledge of our headhunters and an innovative sourcing, we have been able to complete assignments worldwide – from Management level up to Board Member positions.

Recently completed recruitments
  • General Manager – Aerospace Manufacturing – Singapore – USD 390K
  • Chief Operating Officer – Aviation – Singapore – USD 260K
  • Country Manager – Defense – Beijing – USD 300K
  • Plant Manager – Aerospace Manufacturing – France – EUR 130K
  • Quality Director – Aerospace OEMs – Singapore – USD 180K
  • Customer Support Director – Aerospace OEMs – Hong Kong – USD 200K
  • Executive Director – Aerospace Leasing Company – Shanghai – USD 200K
  • Chief Operating Officer – Aerospace MROs – Kuala Lumpur – USD 150K
  • Regional Sales Director – Aerospace MROs – Singapur – USD 134K
  • Marketing Director – Aerospace OEMs – Beijing – USD 150K
  • Production Manager – Aerospace Manufacturing – France – EUR 90K

Our team of headhunters specialized in aerospace and defense are led by:

Raphaël Reclus

Managing Director Morgan Philips Hudson France

191 avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

+33 1 58 56 58 56
Aerospace & Defense

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