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Our practices

11 specialist practices
Our practices

Morgan Philips’ offer is global and specialized.  In order to strengthen our ability to meet the needs of our most demanding clients, our consultants are specialized by function and by sector.  They are perfectly placed to find senior managers and know how to attract them to your company.


Practices : 

Our methods of search and selection

Select, evaluate, convince
Our methods of search and selection

In the current context of an international war for talent, identifying a good candidate does not automatically equate to recruiting a good candidate.

The candidate’s suitability must be checked against three criteria - technical skills, soft skills and fit with your company culture.

Then, candidates need to be convinced to move. This is precisely why we have delegated the sourcing phase upstream to our research centres, so that our consultants can take the time necessary to convince candidates to join your company.

Additionally, we regularly use Assess First’s Shape tests, which enable us to pinpoint if the candidate’s personality is a good fit with an organisation’s culture.

our global network

4 continents, 22 countries

Our global network

Morgan Philips is a highly effective network of offices present in 22 countries.

There are also 4 research centres across the world and a unique network of inter-connected talent databases, accessible to all our consultants wherever they may be.

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Our methods of sourcing talent 

Unique, digital, innovative
Our methods of sourcing talent 

Sourcing is a critical stage in the search for talent, so we reinvented it - enabling us to scan all potential markets for talent for each assignment.

Global databases, research centres, Experts Club, publishing tools for the social networks.

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The most competitive rates in the market!


Why pay 33% in fees when we can offer the best headhunting methods at the most competitive rates in the market?

At Morgan Philips Executive Search, our direct approach services are carried out by experienced consultants specialized by practice. You also benefit from a unique sourcing method (research centres enabling us to carry out multi-channel global searches, our community of experts - the 5000 Club, digital tools, etc.) as well as sophisticated evaluation tools - all this for rates offering the best value for money on the market. 

Our services

Our services

Our specialist consultants, experienced and recognized experts in their respective fields, can work with you on

  • - Executive Search : a new method to attract and recruit the best talent. 
  • - Mapping : a solution enabling you to position your company relative to your competitors.
  • - Assessment : evaluation tools for your current and potential staff.
  • - Talent management : solutions for attracting, developing and retaining talent.