Morgan Philips Group announces strategic acquisition in Europe!


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  Automation, Optimization and Decision Support For the most pessimistic, robots and other intelligent machines will soon be able to replace all humans at work. For others, these high-performance solutions are a tremendous opportunity to develop our professions. In fact, the revolution is already underway. Retail brand chatbots who speak… Lees meer

Business Ethics as a mediator

The impact of Compliance Commitment on Economic Crime Tommas Kaplan   Injustice in companies can cause counter-productive behaviour. An employee’s understanding of justice can, depending on their perception of the situation, influence their work-specific attitudes and behaviour patterns and produce counter-productive behaviour. Counter-productive behaviour can be seen as the precursor… Lees meer


Value discipline In their excellent book “The Discipline of Market Leaders” (1995), written by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema, the authors argue (and prove) how companies who want to become leaders in certain markets or market segments need to choose how they wanted to excel, in the following generic value… Lees meer

Medical Devices Commercial

Commercial excellence is one of those buzz words entire books are written about and in the medical device industry this is no exception. The question I would like to (attempt to) answer here is what it could look like in our industry, whether it is actually achievable and necessary, in… Lees meer


  Taking risks means above all being conscious of one’s potential and being able to use it wisely.  It is by taking risks that we change our way of life and continue to learn about ourselves. You will see that leaving the comfort zone is both exciting and full of… Lees meer


Today, Africa is a continent in full bloom, and questions regarding the attractiveness of its cities are being asked more and more often. Indeed, with a dozen countries (Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ghana, etc.), showing a sustained and steady growth for several years now, feeding, housing, educating, providing health… Lees meer

Medical Device Germany

Healthcare & Life Science – Expert Article January 2017 “Germany is the biggest market for medical devices in Europe!“ This is quite true so everyone wants to have a piece of the “big cake”. Mainly the US companies and their German subsidiaries are the major player in this big market…. Lees meer

Etude de remuneration Fonction Commerciale - Afrique de l’Ouest

  Introduction Launching a new structure can only be achieved successfully thanks to a strong dedicated sales team. Even before a legal entity is created, a team of business developers must act as the « first on the ground » in order to create a network of partners and prepare for the… Lees meer

A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension. With each new experience, whether it be positive or negative, we discover something new about ourselves.  But, this is not praising inconsistency; rather it is recognising the opportunities which are offered to us.  Imagine this – a… Lees meer


“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent” – Wittgenstein and waffle. Recruiters (and often company directors) like to ask candidates at the end of the interview for a written summary of their understanding of the vacancy, what the challenges are and finally what abilities they have to meet… Lees meer