Morgan Philips Group acquiert les activités de recrutement d'Hudson en Europe

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Montserrat graduated with a degree in Industrial Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid and PDD (Management Development Program) for Euroforum-Insead. She has completed numerous courses in marketing, sales, leadership, negotiation, finance and human resources in different European and Spanish schools.

In 1977, Montserrat began her career in the Italian automotive industry, where she developed the finance department. Nine years later, she joined TNT, an Australian transport multinational company, as head of Customer Service. Montserrat then climbed the ranks to Sales Manager and eventually Director of Sales and Marketing.

In 1986 she joined DHL, TNT’s main competitor. Montserrat assumed the role of Director of Sales and Marketing, reorganising the function for the firm.

In 1990 she joined Euroforum, a management training company associated with Insead Fontenebleau, as Commercial Director (Sales & Marketing). Three years later, Montserrat joined Warner Home Video as Director of Marketing where she developed a new customer experience initiative.

In 1996, Montserrat accepted the offer as General Manager to create the Human Resources division of Hudson. Hudson was later acquired by Morgan Philips Group, and today, Montserrat holds the position of Managing Director of Talent Management in Spain.

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