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Laurianne Brochard, Executive Director

Laurianne is the Executive Director of Morgan Philips Executive Search for SEA Region, based in Singapore. She has been living in Singapore for the past 5 years, where she has managed a spectrum of placements across the region, specializing in “Corporate Functions” (Finance, HR, Sales & Marketing), Engineering as well. Her travels and exposure to diverse cultures helped develop her knowledge in regional labour practices and cross-effective cultural differences which makes her initiatives all the more effective.
Prior to Morgan Philips, Laurianne served as Associate Director for global Executive Search, where she was focuses on Recruitments and Talent Advisory, as assessment diagnosis. She is a member of The French of Commerce in Singapore. Laurianne speaks fluent in English and French.

Jüngste erfolgreich vermittelte Positionen unseres Büros
  • Geschäftsführer – Logistik – Vietnam
  • Leiter Beschaffungsmanagement APAC – Pharma – Singapur
  • Geschäftsführer – Life Sciences – Malaysia
  • CFO – Luxusgüter/Einzelhandel – Indonesien
  • Direktor APAC – Luftfahrt – Singapur
  • Regional Sales Manager – Logistik – Singapur
  • Werksdirektor – Bauwesen – Thailand
  • Regional Sales Manager Südostasien – Elektronik – Hong Kong
  • Produktionsleiter – Luftfahrt – Malaysia

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