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Expatriation en afrique

Last week we saw the first four key factors for a successful African expatriation.  We continue now with the final four factors to consider in order that such a professional and personal challenge will be a total success.

5. Make the decision, don’t just put up with it. In general, expatriation should be an opportunity and not something imposed by your employer or your partner.  If it is you who triggers the departure, do not forget to check all the working conditions (salary, perks, etc.)  If, on the other hand, you are following a partner, it is still important to be able to develop personally, whether through a professional activity or not. 

6. Even if it might seem obvious (a lot of people still see Africa as a single country) this continent has over fifty countries, all different one from the other. It is therefore essential to prepare the project and to be properly informed – about living and working conditions, climate, social life, appropriate insurance and vaccines, visas, budget, schooling, etc. To do this, do not hesitate to call on the help of your future colleagues and/or your recruiter!  Nonetheless, all these criteria have to be evaluated in relation to your expectations.

7. Anticipate your return. In the same way, the end of an expatriation must be well prepared, because professional and social reinsertion will also be necessary. Expats reluctant to leave are often just the same way about coming back.  Don’t let coming back spoil your expatriation.

8. Last but not least… Benefit from it! Expatriation remains both a chance and an opportunity (professional, cultural, personal and financial) – don’t forget this.

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