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A reflection of 2018’s digital trends

I was reading the McKinsey Quarterly publication, dated 2nd February 2018, titled “Digital trends and observations from 2018’. It articulated two key trends – the first, the growth of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), and the second, the increasing traction of blockchain. It also highlighted the increasing need for talent, concerns over cyber-security and tech… Lesen Sie mehr

For the benefit of those who are not directly involved in this process: recruiting is not simply hiring but it’s a whole package of processes ; attracting, selecting and hiring suitable candidates for the job. However, over time, corporate cultures saw and experienced a drastic change in hiring processes; today… Lesen Sie mehr


  Automation, Optimization and Decision Support For the most pessimistic, robots and other intelligent machines will soon be able to replace all humans at work. For others, these high-performance solutions are a tremendous opportunity to develop our professions. In fact, the revolution is already underway. Retail brand chatbots who speak… Lesen Sie mehr


Trotz sehr positiver Wachstumsprognosen, wird sich der Wettbewerb in der pharmazeutischen Industrie in den kommenden Jahren wesentlich intensivieren. Die Quantensprünge der Diagnose Technologien führen dazu, dass Krankheiten immer genauer unterschieden werden können und somit die Vielfalt an Molekülen gleichzeitig zu verkleinerten Absätzen führen wird.  Die Anzahl von so genannten Blockbusters… Lesen Sie mehr

Business Ethics as a mediator

Einfluss des Compliance-Commitments auf wirtschaftskriminelles Verhalten Tommas Kaplan   Ungerechtigkeit im Unternehmen kann kontraproduktives Verhalten verursachen Das Gerechtigkeitsverständnis eines Mitarbeiters kann, je nach situativer Wahrnehmung, Einfluss auf die arbeitsspezifische Einstellung und Verhaltensweise nehmen und damit auch auf das kontraproduktive Verhalten. Kontraproduktives Verhalten kann als die Vorstufe zu non-Compliance betrachtet werden… Lesen Sie mehr


Value discipline In their excellent book “The Discipline of Market Leaders” (1995), written by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema, the authors argue (and prove) how companies who want to become leaders in certain markets or market segments need to choose how they wanted to excel, in the following generic value… Lesen Sie mehr

Medical Devices Commercial

Commercial excellence is one of those buzz words entire books are written about and in the medical device industry this is no exception. The question I would like to (attempt to) answer here is what it could look like in our industry, whether it is actually achievable and necessary, in… Lesen Sie mehr


  Taking risks means above all being conscious of one’s potential and being able to use it wisely.  It is by taking risks that we change our way of life and continue to learn about ourselves. You will see that leaving the comfort zone is both exciting and full of… Lesen Sie mehr

Expatriation en afrique

Last week we saw the first four key factors for a successful African expatriation.  We continue now with the final four factors to consider in order that such a professional and personal challenge will be a total success. 5. Make the decision, don’t just put up with it. In general,… Lesen Sie mehr


Today, Africa is a continent in full bloom, and questions regarding the attractiveness of its cities are being asked more and more often. Indeed, with a dozen countries (Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ghana, etc.), showing a sustained and steady growth for several years now, feeding, housing, educating, providing health… Lesen Sie mehr