Club 5000

To strengthen our ability to serve our most demanding clients, we have created a unique community of experts – the 5000 Club.

More than 5000 experts, chosen for their know-how in one or more specialist fields, help us source the best candidates.

Why the 5000 Club? To offer our clients the best candidates

Facing a shortage of talent, Morgan Philips Executive Search thought about the best way to find the ideal candidate. How to approach people not actively seeking a new challenge, off the usual radar screens of headhunting? Thanks to the 5000 Club, this pool of experts puts us in touch with the best candidates.

Who are the Experts? Talented individuals recruited by our consultants for their qualities and expertise

Our experts, recruited by our specialist consultants for their professional qualities and their expertise, provide precious help in identifying the best hidden talent. Each expert has a quality network, enabling him or her to recommend ‘verified’ candidates to us.

How does it work? Our Experts recommend ‘verified’ candidates to us

The consultant will establish a list of the most appropriate Experts for each assignment.  Once the Experts have been contacted for their suggestions, the consultant will meet the best ‘Expert-verified’ candidates.  These candidates will then be presented to the client.  If a candidate is recruited due to an Expert or when we successfully conclude an assignment with a candidate sourced by an Expert, he or she will receive dinner for two in a 3-star restaurant with our compliments.