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comfort zone


Taking risks means above all being conscious of one’s potential and being able to use it wisely.  It is by taking risks that we change our way of life and continue to learn about ourselves. You will see that leaving the comfort zone is both exciting and full of surprises. In unusual situations you never stop discovering more about yourself, and this is where you will advance!    

5 steps to achieve this:  

– Identify your comfort zone: Your comfort zone can be linked to your working habits (skills, pace, rituals, etc.) and your level of autonomy as well as your relationships with colleagues.       

– Gradually leave your comfort zone: The best way is to start with small, day to day tasks.  For example – take a different route to work, change your eating habits, your usual haunts, etc.  This will expose you to unexpected places and situations and, who knows, maybe happy discoveries!   

– Set yourself one small challenge per week: An effective way to push back your limits.  You could, for example, undertake alone a task that you are used to doing with someone else, invite friends round or start a new physical activity.  In other words, do things you are not used to doing!     
– The thirst for knowledge – a remedy to help you come out of your comfort zone:  Acquiring new knowledge will allow you to be exposed to new experiences, opinions and various interests.  Thus, you will develop not only your general awareness but you will also open your mind!       
– Widen your social circle to come out of your comfort zone: Meeting new people is the best way of discovering new ways of living and/or thinking.

Stop hesitating and start taking risks! You will be a better and happier person for it!      


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