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What do you think of yourself?

Who hasn’t wondered what type of question a recruiter could ask during a job interview?  Whatever a person’s expertise or experience, it is easy to be put off balance by an unprepared for question.

It is rather usual for a recruiter to suggest a candidate present his or her qualities and areas for self-improvement, but it can happen that you are suddenly faced with an unsettling question in order to see your reaction and moreover your reactivity.  Candidates are getting better and better prepared and often say what the recruiter wants to hear; which is why the job interview is evolving, to be able to pick out the best candidates.

Today, I’m going to ask you to answer this question: what do you think of yourself?  How do you respond to such an unsettling question?  Who wants to reveal their shortcomings at such an important moment?   It’s not so easy!  The first reaction will be to take a moment to reflect and think about the best way to make a good impression.  Today, a recruiter places as much importance on a candidate’s soft skills as on his or her technical skills.  It is therefore essential to list your human qualities in order to be able to answer this question in a well structured and winning way.  After having spoken to several company directors, it would seem that certain soft skills are unanimously appreciated and are thus indispensable.

  • empathy
  • effectiveness
  • communication skills
  • flexibility and adaptability
  • team player
  • creativity and initiative


So, over to you: What do you think of yourself?

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