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The watchmaking industry has traditionally recruited talent from its own ranks. A true strength to develop an exceptional product, a rare know-how.

These past years have involved a reassessment for recruitment due to various well-known factors: strong Swiss franc, declining markets, increased competition etc.

In addition, the watchmaking world has become aware of the need to control its costs and its stocks. To achieve this, it must strengthen its knowledge of the final customer (Who? When? What? Where?)


As a direct consequence, recruiters have been trying to attract two types of new talent:


1) Talent from industries with a greater cost control culture

2) Talent from different sectors of activity, bringing a fresh look on the methodologies, tools and processes of all the key departments: manufacturing, R & D, supply chain, finance, HR, marketing, etc.


If the merit of such an approach is almost unanimously accepted today within Human Resources Departments, its implementation is often more complicated. Indeed, we notice resistance within traditional teams as they fear that the new talent may take too long to adapt to this special industrial culture.

Nevertheless, we observe an encouraging momentum; This phenomenon should therefore further develop and concerns should fade as more and more successful “transfers” take place.


Charles du Pontavice
Managing Director Switzerland

Timothée Gaignault 
Associate Director Morgan Philips Executive Search

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