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Unleashing Your Hiring Capability

For the benefit of those who are not directly involved in this process: recruiting is not simply hiring but it’s a whole package of processes ; attracting, selecting and hiring suitable candidates for the job. However, over time, corporate cultures saw and experienced a drastic change in hiring processes; today recruitment has totally changed its form and has flared out quite well compared to how it was some years back. The funny part of it is that although there are countless theories, thesis and what not being prescribed for recruiters to follow, it’s funny that every corporate adheres to different rules and methods of recruiting of its own. Besides the countless theories that we have in common that recruiters in particular have been fed this far, the idea is to hire the most suitable candidate from the talent pool. In this article we will get to know certain principles which you as a recruiter or a management head can mark on your list to ramp up your capability to hire.

The corporate sector has swelled to a gigantic self and every other company irrespective of its trade and size practises recruiting and this process won’t cease. Here below are some principles you should know about.

Good hiring strategy

Treat your recruitment strategy like you do your marketing and sales funnel. If you receive a high-quality lead, would you wait 3 days to call that lead? Then don’t do that to a high-quality candidate. You should move heaven and earth to accommodate that candidate, impress them and treat them to a great hiring experience.

Sell your Job

Recruiting is about selling. In this case, the product bundle you’re selling is your company and the open position. The job applicant is your sales lead. The interviews are the sales calls. Your job is to stir up enough interest among the desired job seekers so they consider your organization their first choice for employment.

Of course remember, interviewing is a give and take game. While you want to be able to sell the job, you also want to ensure that you have enough information from the applicant to make an educated decision as to whether the individual will thrive once employed at your firm

Pick up speed 

Try giving priority to those vacant  or soon to be vacant seats in your firm. You can’t slow down in this process. Making quick hiring decisions is extremely essential when a candidate of high demand is considering making/ready to make that switch. If you get hold of him/her, don’t waste time with unnecessary hiring practices which might result in the candidate being attracted by your competitors.

Recruitment Process

Don’t shy away

Don’t mean it literally though. The intention is to be flexible if you are into recruiting or the managing front. (Say yes to telephone/skype interviews which will give you a clear perception about the candidate’s presentation and communications skills as well as his/her interest level. It will save you a lot more time compared  to meeting a candidate face-to-face, especially if it turns out that the candidate isn’t suitable in the first place.

Be positive to remote working 

Be flexible. There will definitely be situation where you can allow your employees to work from home. Many great brands actually do that. This increases potential candidate pool. If you can afford it and your business isn’t being affected, don’t be rigid to this work style.

Identify and study the Job

Before you dip your feet into core recruiting and actually hire someone, the first thing you need to do is understand the kind of job that you’re hiring for. Doing some homework will only ramp up your hiring capability. This way you will get to understand the candidate better and decide if he or she is the right pick for the job. Recruiting has always been an interesting part of Human Resources but the irony that tickles is that being the head of management or recruiting front, you don’t have a  claim on your hire’s success in most situations, although the people you hire or recruit build your company’s culture and define your progress.

These recruitment tactics will not just help you to hire the best candidate but to hire the right candidate for the job. You can give your candidates a far clearer view of what’s involved in the job and what your business feels like. And don’t be worried about putting candidates off: If the role isn’t the right fit, you want them to decide now and not later.

Shuhanth Haridas
Associate Director
Morgan Philips Executive Search Singapore

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