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Nowadays, nobody could deny that the rapid evolution of technology seen over recent years, and further still its permeation of companies, particularly given that for the last 5 years each and every one of us has had a device capable of extraordinary calculating power tucked away in our pockets, has ushered in major cultural changes which has influenced the way salaries have evolved throughout the entire world. This transformation is intensifying and happening more and more quickly.

The solutions offered by high technology contribute to a flow of new ideas and alter our behaviour. More than ever before, communication happens in real time, and the talent pool has become highly mobile. This has not only transformed lifestyle, but also the approach to work.

Thus working environments have moved on from a time when work was performed according to a fixed schedule and always in an office. More often than laptops, it is tablets and smartphones which accompany us everywhere and offer us an increased and previously unheard of level of control and autonomy in the way we organise work.

Career paths are no longer linear, teams are international and staff seek meaning in their work as well as financial security.

If these shifts have a lot to offer in terms of flexibility as well as the associated improvements in productivity and efficiency, they are no less of a source of stress and concern for our colleagues, who must continually adopt new methods and adapt in the face of competition, which is of course international but also domestic with the arrival of the start-up companies of generation Y, who grew up using these forms of technology. 

What will tomorrow’s jobs look like? And role will Human Resources play as this evolution unfolds?

If, in the first instance, the challenge is technological, in reality the fact still remains that we are dealing with change management issues. And who, if not human resources managers, would be better placed to tackle the human impact of this transformation?


Didier Bréan – Associate Director IT, Digital Practice leader
Morgan Philips Executive Search Switzerland 

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