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Jean Giono


The power of the dream, the one about finding one’s ‘place in the sun’, doesn’t lie in the expectation but really in the driving force it represents.

An individual’s most important characteristic is not the level he or she is at, but rather the eternal and inexhaustible desire to go ever higher.

However, ambition alone is sterile. I have met many individuals who were trying to make a place for themselves in companies only by playing power games and using strategies based on politics. They were not creating richness – not creating sunshine – for the simple reason that they themselves were devoid of it. To them I say ‘Show some courage! Take risks and try to make some sunshine, don’t just climb the ladder using dirty tricks!’

To find your place in the sun, it is not necessary to be desperately seeking to ‘make your place’. Instead, ask yourself – how do I make sunshine? Professionals stand out through creativity. In short, to find solutions to a problem, you should just turn it around and look for what opportunities if offers! Creative thinking – outside the box – that is what good recruiters are looking for. Never lose the freshness of creativity because this is what will stop you from seeing the glass half empty and help you to see new ideas springing up!

To maintain this fundamentally positive way of thinking, cultivate your luck. Sometimes routine and a certain apathy can set in. But if you are always open to opportunities and stay in contact with head hunters, bankers and entrepreneurs, these low spots won’t last long and a positive sign will always come from somewhere. Don’t focus on the here and now or the short term, ‘making sunshine’ is also about that. By keeping your ears open, even when everything is going well in your current job, you will give yourself the means to realise your dreams, to create your own sunshine, because you need to be aware that no situation is an end in itself. You can thus invest yourself fully and calmly, without having the feeling of being stuck in a rut and you will rise to ever greater challenges.

Charles-Henri Dumon, CEO & Founder of Morgan Philips Group

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