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What Aldous Huxley identified in Brave New World is perfectly applicable to professional experience, especially during the recruitment process. You must make continual progress in a particular position and never rest on your laurels – then, during a process of professional change, understand what makes you the most qualified person for the job you are aiming for and this will give a sense to your application. Experience makes us, but it is also in our power to give it shape.

Rare are those lucky enough to have everything fall in their lap without effort. Experience, to be worth something, takes a lot of work, energy and time. Having the idea that the school you went to, the title of the position you held or the logo of a famous multi-national where you spent some time will be enough for recruiters and will convince them in a heartbeat that you are the ideal person for the job is an impression far from reality.

Recruiters are, of course, looking for key words to meet the minimum criteria for the job, but what will put you on the shortlist is without doubt your professional maturity, your perspective and your understanding of the role. So to convince a recruiter of your worth, both technical and human, entails leaving nothing to chance.

Giving shape to your experience starts with a complete description of your relevant achievements, your successful projects and the staff you have been managing. Your CV begins with this! The recruiter must be able to get an overall picture of your career progress with a single glance and then understand why your profile is relevant. For this, the skills obtained in a position which helped you to grow must be clearly identified and then cross-matched with the functions of the job you want. Highlight the skills which tally with the duties of the role.

But experience doesn’t only bring technical and formal skills. Maturity, understanding others and the ability to listen are equally indispensable elements which develop over the years and in the different situations which arise. Soft skills are an integral part of your experience and equally have their place in any presentation of your career path. A video profile is a modern means of dealing with this rather more personal dimension. Ultimately, the interview will be where you prove by your actions the truth of your words.

And don’t forget – experience is what you do with what happens to you!

Charles-Henri Dumon, CEO & Founder of Morgan Philips Group

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