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“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.”


With each new experience, whether it be positive or negative, we discover something new about ourselves.  But, this is not praising inconsistency; rather it is recognizing the opportunities which are offered to us.  Imagine this – a recruiter contacts you at a time when you are not considering changing jobs.  What do you do?  Do you erase the message as quickly as possible before someone from your team sees it?   That would be a great shame.   Get in touch with the recruiter and answer his or her questions.  If it is not the right time for you say so, then explain under which circumstances you would be willing to leave your current position.  In this way, the recruiter will not contact you in future without good reason.

Never neglect, however, to imagine yourself in a new situation.  Find out as much as you can, even if only through curiosity, and discuss with your family what you could achieve in the medium term.  This simple exercise, although just wishful thinking, could well end up surprising you.  In fact, each new experience begins with this sort of conjecture.  It is by being able to conceive of the idea of change that we find the strength to get out of a rut!  Doing this mental exercise will prepare you for the day you feel ready to put things in motion and you will do so much more easily.  You will have circumvented, without even knowing it, many pitfalls before they can arise.  The trigger could perhaps be a new offer from our famous recruiter, the one with whom you took the time to discuss a while ago!

The prospects of a new experience are already opening your mind.  Even realising that you are not yet ready to take the step means you have begun a part of the work – you have identified your priorities at a given moment m, and are well placed to  re-evaluate them at a moment m+1, +2, etc.  So when the moment comes, you won’t hesitate!

Now I’d like to speak to those who are hungry for new experiences right now:  have you ever thought about interim management?  Feeling weary of the daily grind doesn’t necessarily mean a complete change of direction!  With interim management you would have the opportunity to tackle stimulating challenges without getting trapped in a routine, as in fact each assignment only lasts a few months.  Once the objective has been achieved, you move on to fresh adventures in another company.  While for some interim management becomes a principal activity, for others it is something to do between permanent jobs for the challenge it offers.  For each profile there is an ideal formula!  The main thing is to know yourself sufficiently well to understand your innermost aspirations, and then have enough conviction so as to be constantly going further.


Charles-Henri Dumon, CEO & Founder of Morgan Philips Group


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