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This phrase starts with a negative statement. And yet, it seems to me to possess great optimism, especially for our times. Today, it’s true, the labour market is changing – but is this really a bad thing per se? The model still needs fine tuning. However, human beings underestimate the resources they have at their disposal. Changing jobs, companies or countries offers more opportunities to know yourself by putting you in countless new situations and widening your horizons.

Work in the context of this extract from Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is not a necessary activity which runs counter to mankind’s aspirations; rather it is a means of self-discovery. This discovery is not that of an inner self which springs from nowhere during the course of a meeting. Work, understood here to mean the exercise of a trade or profession, allows you to test your own abilities, to be aware of both your strengths and your weaknesses and to improve yourself. With each change of job, candidates take stock of their previous experience and define their objectives. This step is, in general, characterised by the acquisition of new skills and by progress. Man can always improve; the professional world is the environment par excellence where this improvement can take place.

We work hard to give candidates the chance to discover themselves and to improve through their work. But this doesn’t just involve technical and general skills – intelligent recruitment considers the individual. Aspirations, desired work life balance and personal values are factors which are just as important to success or failure and which are often overlooked. Morgan Philips’ consultants are attentive to the most minor details of a candidate’s personality in order to ensure that he or she will reach a senior position.

The consultant too, gets to know himself or herself a little better with each new assignment, the measure of success in our profession.


Charles-Henri Dumon, CEO & Founder of Morgan Philips Group

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