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Nothing is more imminent than the impossible.

This quotation, already seen from a recruiter’s perspective, would appear to be just as instructive for candidates.  Taken in isolation, doesn’t it seem to be an ode to audacity?  What you thought was impossible can become reality quite unexpectedly, so try your luck!

You no longer find your daily professional life satisfying.  Impulsively, you start to look at equivalent positions with your competitors. This is also, incidentally, what headhunters you contact will offer you.  But once the novelty has worn off, the odds are you’ll get bored again soon enough.  So what to do?

You have several options.  You have skills, you have experience and your expertise is recognised.  Think about the areas where your know-how would be a good fit!  You can change the criteria – the size of the company, your lifestyle, your way of working, etc.

Someone with a lot of experience, for example, wouldn’t automatically think of joining a start-up.  However, if you are nursing the idea of making a real change and having a genuine impact on the development of a company, applying to an enterprise where there everything is still to be built could prove to be rich in opportunities!  This is a big risk, of course; a job with a start-up is not generally as remunerative as one with a big, international group.  Nevertheless, the length of the decision chain can have a radical impact on professional life!

Quality of life, although only indirectly linked to work, can also be a criterion you can play with when mapping your professional future.  Have you always dreamt of living abroad, or away from the big city, but never had the occasion to move?  Maybe it is time to raise the issue with your family.  Nothing is impossible, with a bit of organisation.  When your appraisal comes around, don’t hesitate to talk about internal mobility within your company.  If it is not a possibility, then get in touch with a recruitment firm specialised in the geographical area which interests you.

Finally, think about the meaning you want to bring to your work.  Are you particularly attached to a humanitarian or social cause?  There are lots of opportunities out there!  Support functions of humanitarian associations and charities play a vital role and need people with solid experience.  Nothing is stopping you from swapping life in a traditional company for life in a social enterprise, if that is what you want to do.

Don’t be too logical in your search for a new role.  Audacity pays off!  Build an argument enabling you to justify each step of your career to date, but don’t just aim to go where you think you are expected to go – aim to go where things will be different, where you will flourish!  This is the mindset of Morgan Philips Executive Search consultants!

Charles-Henri Dumon, CEO & Founder of Morgan Philips Group @CHDumonMorgan

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