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Romain Gary


I have chosen this quotation from Romain Gary for an editorial as it illustrates perfectly what I have observed throughout my career. Pseudo-wisdom dictated by comfort leads people to forget their ideas, their ambitions and their values. People cling to caution and it seeps into their spirit to the point where they believe they are too old or too well established to try to attempt anything new. We decided to build an international recruitment agency – Morgan Philips Executive Search – as this seemed the best weapon against slow stagnation. We contact candidates, those not actively seeking a new job, and we offer them high level positions, both locally and internationally. Of course, not all of them accept (next time we will talk about the battle for talent), but the simple fact of contacting them, of telling them we believe in them and in their potential, injects new life into their ambitions and revives their taste for adventure. And if they are not in a position to seize that particular opportunity then at least they will be ready for the next one to come along, when the taste for a challenge has vanquished the comfort of complacency. So here then is the raison d’être of Morgan Philips Executive Search – to shake up accepted thinking and to enable candidates to find professional fulfilment. Maybe you’ll call me an incessant idealist, but our group’s dramatic growth makes me think that there are others out there who share this mindset !


Charles-Henri Dumon, CEO & Founder of Morgan Philips Group

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