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Morgan Philips Greater China Wins Two Awards at CIEP 2016

These recognitions reflect the company’s long-term commitment to high quality and innovative services and its thought leadership in continuously bringing the region’s talent management industry to a higher level


Hong Kong, April 22, 2016 — Morgan Philips Greater China (formerly MRIC) won the “Asia Pacific Human Resources Services Entrepreneurship Award” at the 2016 Asia-Pacific Human Resources Development and Service Fair, an important event at the 14th Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP) in Shenzhen. Christine Raynaud, CEO of Morgan Philip in Greater China, was granted the “Asia Pacific Lifetime Achievement Award” in recognition of her thought leadership and contributions to the international talent management industry in the region.

The 14th CIEP was held in Shenzhen on April 16 and 17, attracting the attendance of more than 4,500 professional organizations, training institutions, universities, technology companies and talent management agencies from home and abroad. First launched in 2001, CIEP is a state-level international conference with the largest scale and highest standards in China for talent exchange. It is the only conference in China open to foreign expert organizations, training institutions and professionals.

“We are very honored to be recognized by CIEP as we are celebrating our company’s 18th anniversary this year. It shows what a great team can achieve together by continuously showing a strong commitment to customers through our high quality and innovative services,” said Raynaud. “I’m also very pleased to receive the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ that encourages me to perform at a higher professional level.”

Invited by the organizer of the Asia-Pacific Human Resources Development and Service Fair, Raynaud gave a speech to share her experience and opinions on how to succeed in the globalizing talent market.

“For Chinese companies going global, they need to understand that the human dimension is key to their success. It is therefore important to select Chinese and foreign talent with a view to their abilities for cultural integration and evolution,” Raynaud added. “Another aspect that requires change is the talent sourcing model. High quality consultancy supported by digital sourcing technologies is the secret formula for talent management that supports sustainable business growth.”

In late 2015, Raynaud led her company into a new era by entering into a partnership with Morgan Philips Group. Established in 2013, Morgan Philips Group has revolutionized the recruitment market by inventing a new economic model and offering top-level services that enable clients to recruit better, quicker and cheaper, supported by its digital techniques, on-line research platforms and exclusive applications.

“Our annual talent survey report shows that ‘Human Plus Digital’ is the direction for recruiting and talent management,” commented Raynaud. “It provides faster and more economic recruiting solutions to our clients without compromising the consulting quality. This is a very effective way for them to deal with talent management challenges, especially in the ‘new normal’.”

Raynaud and her team have been conducting their own annual talent survey in the Asia Pacific region since 2009. Most recently, they surveyed nearly 2,000 junior to senior Greater China executives at the end of December 2015 and in early January 2016 in order to explore employers’ key hiring challenges in 2016 and employees’ intentions and motivations.

The survey results, which are available in the newly released “Morgan Philips Talent Survey Report,” show a continued deceleration in both job changes and salary increases across the region. The major challenge for employers in the “New Normal” is to find competitive and productive talent, while a shortage of skilled talent, and cultural fit are key hiring challenges.  Although the growing digital supports faster and cheaper sourcing, employers still rely on human intervention to make things happen.


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  About Morgan Philips Executive Search in Greater China Morgan Philips Executive Search is a direct approach search firm specializing in the recruitment of executives and experts. With a strong presence in the region since 1998, our consultants understand well the unique business challenges faced by our international and local clients who trust us to find the best talent to succeed with their company plans and market strategies. Combining the innovative digital techniques put in place by Morgan Philips Group with our proudly maintained high quality local consultancy, we offer BETTER, FASTER, and CHEAPER services to our clients. ASIA-PACIFIC HUMAN RESSOURCES SERVICE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARD

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