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Read the last interview with Rémi Fouilloy published in January 2017 edition of THE KHUBE newsletter (KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg).

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Rémi Fouilloy, co-founder of Morgan Philips & Fyte, is at the spotlight of this issue’s innovation section. Rémi leads the company’s headhunting and
recruitment in Belgium and Luxembourg and shared his insights of how to stay competitive and innovate in the recruitment field.


Rémi, could you please introduce Morgan Philips Executive Search & Fyte?

Rémi Fouilloy

Morgan Philips Group is a privately owned human resources consulting group created in 2013 and focusing on the two main links in the recruitment value chain: sourcing and consulting.

We are offering two types of recruitment services in Belgium and Luxembourg:

Executive Search for C-level executives and experts with Morgan Philips Executive Search, and Recruitment and Selection for employees and mid-level talented professionals with Fyte – Find Your Talent Easily.


How did you decide to create such companies? What is your background?

I have been working in the recruitment industry since 1999 in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg. While I was still working with my former employer, I was a member of the Executive board and leading large teams. In 2013 it was the perfect timing to launch an entrepreneurial adventure. Together with a few former board members and senior executives of major recruitment firms, we decided to set up our own company and to invent a new model in the recruitment industry: The Digital Headhunting Company.


What geographies does Morgan Philips cover? Can you help to recruit professionals at all levels?

We are present in 14 countries with more than 300 staff. Thanks to our specialized brands and methodologies we advise companies on recruiting the best talents from junior to C-level.


How does Morgan Philips make recruitment more effective and efficient?

We have completely overhauled the recruitment model and reinvented talent sourcing. To achieve this we have set up three international research centres enabling us to scan the entire talent market by using cutting-edge digital tools. In addition, we have developed the Morgan Philips Club 5000. Our members have recognized expertise and influence in their respective fields. Thanks to them, we identify hidden talents who are not always visible on the digital “radars”.


How does recruitment work in the digital age? What do you think recruitment will be like in the future?

The way to get in touch with talents has profoundly changed during the last years. Video is a new and efficient communication tool between employers and talents, especially for those under 35 years old. The video CV will progressively replace the formal paper version. Fyte is the first (and for the moment the only) recruitment firm broadcasting video job ads on social media and offering candidates the possibility to use our app to register their own video CV with a prompter.


How would you describe the current job market in Luxembourg?

The Luxembourgish job market is very dynamic with a progressive upgrade of the competencies required. The power of attraction of Luxembourg is growing thanks to the numerous initiatives to promote the place. More and more companies are looking for talents coming from abroad and bringing new skills (digital, business development…).

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