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There are many advantages to being a challenger, even when it comes to recruiting talented candidates. Not being a market leader does not make your company unattractive, far from it!

In recent times, we have witnessed the appearance of new positions, usually within large companies, focused on headhunting and the recruitment of top candidates. For instance, “Campus Manager”, “Talent Acquisition” etc… Nowadays, strategies for the acquisition of talented candidates primarily revolve around the “employer brand”.  The aim is to enhance the appeal of the brand as a potential employer.

But this is something challengers must consider, as evidently for them, the brand is not enough.

In contrast to companies that are already well-established, for challengers, the digital revolution offers an opportunity to recruit the best which is just as effective as the means employed by large companies.
So the question is how?


  1. Be unconventional

    When it comes to the recruitment of talented candidates, it is conventional to adopt the standards of big business, playing by their rules and offering top candidates promising career prospects. While it’s true that market leaders tend to emphasise their professional codes, especially with regards to the recruitment of top candidates, reinventing these codes calls for a completely different skill set than those required to implement a robust process. Dear Challengers, to attract the best, it is worthwhile thinking outside the box and finding a way to stand out!

  2. Have faith in your talent to attract more talent

    In contrast to those at large companies, recruiters at challenger companies embody the brand. In essence, candidates applying to Apple, do so because it’s Apple. If they apply to a challenger, it will take a lot more to convince them. Furthermore, we are now seeing the mass arrival of the Millennial generation, people who are new to the labour market and much less in tune with institutional narratives. It’s time to put your trust in your most recent recruits. With their fresh perspective, these standard-bearers will be a more credible way of illustrating the value of your company than someone who would say the same thing but may not have known anything else.
    As opposed to leaders, challengers have the advantage of a future more closely aligned with the different approaches of today’s labour market: that of flexibility. Previously, those who were taken on did what they were told to do. Today, the fact is that people are hired to do more of what they have chosen to.
    Understanding this new mindset is the hallmark of a rare breed of leader or of challengers who have nothing to lose by encouraging an acceptably marginal outlook.

  3. Work with recruitment professionals

    Enlisting the services a recruitment firm will be of great benefit to challengers in search of that rare gem. The reputation and image of the firm will make it easier to unearth the ideal candidate.
    It is the explicit aim of adapting to a new landscape that has meant recruitment firms such as Fyte and Morgan Philips wasted no time in rewriting the rules of the game in their bid to offer genuine added value. By collaborating with an entire network of professional experts by sector and position, we have managed to uncover a great many more opportunities meaning we can find THE best candidate for the job. So, what about you? How do you go about finding the best talent?


Transforming criticism into opportunity


In interview situations, you might not always like what you hear… Inexperienced, too expensive… So, what is the best way to react and use things to your advantage?

Coming up with the perfect answer or response to certain questions or replies during an interview is not always all that easy. We tend to say a little too much, be defensive, leading the recruiter to believe that you have a rigid or closed approach, which is far from advantageous.
Let us imagine a game of tennis. You move up for a volley and are beaten by a passing shot. You should think of these criticisms as passing shots. If you are closed and rigid, they will have a more profound effect on you. Whereas those employing a more composed approach, using any anger to their advantage, will perform better in the final.

Self-control can be learnt 

Anticipation is the key to success. In order to avoid being caught off guard in interviews, you should firstly work out which topics might unsettle you.
Are you absolutely sure of the situation? Do you really want the job? Do you know what might unsettle you at an emotional level? What emotions do you experience when the recruiter objects to something you say?  Do you know how to contain them?

Prepare lists in advance of the things you could offer the company if you were to join it, both on a human and technical level and do some research on the person you’ll be speaking to.

Remember that there is an intention behind every objection or criticism, and your job is to illustrate it.

Recruiting is both a risk and a financial investment. For the recruiter, it is important not to make a mistake for fear of how this might look to senior management. Thus, typical comments such as “you’re too expensive”, “you’re not familiar enough with the sector”, actually conceal a doubt, a worry, which simply need to be addressed! The fact is that, as a candidate, you must decode what actually lies behind these objections. Is the recruiter actually asking questions about your future abilities within a team?
Ask open questions, that way you will be able to get to the heart of what has been said to you, and offer reassurance.
Lastly, you cannot overlook “winning behaviour”.
Any recruiter will tell you that for managerial positions, the “feeling” accounts for around 50% of the decision. Knowing how to adapt, offering specific evidence in what you say (talk about your accomplishments), being flexible… These are both qualities and offer possibilities to transform criticisms into opportunities.


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