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For the fifth consecutive year, Morgan Philips Middle East & Africa will attend the Africa CEO Forum on the 25th and 26th of March in Kigali, Rwanda.

Organized by the press group Jeune Afrique, Rainbow Unlimited and supported by the International Finance Corporation, the Africa CEO Forum is an unique platform dedicated to debate and discussions on Africa’s economic and industrial issues. It is so far the largest international conference on the African private and public sectors.

Hosting more than a thousand African and international decision-makers, this two-day of business meetings and conferences will bring an insight on major economic issues, challenges and orientations of this growing continent.

The Africa CEO Forum is a place of meetings, exchanges and key partnerships for anyone involved on the African continent. For 8 years, The ACF has become the key African event for top CEO’s and executives.

The qualification of participants and the well-oiled organization has turned this event into an awaited meeting that all the new operators want to join every year.
Investors, business men and leaders from Africa and all over the world will be reunited to shape Africa’s future through conferences, debate workshops, networkings and gala dinners.

As the place of African excellency, women and startup companies will also be put in the spotlight to attest of the potential and the energy of the continent.
Human resources and talent acquisition (mobility, selection and identification) will obviously be at the center of the thematic roundtables.

Let’s meet in Kigali !

Feel free to contact Marion Navarre, Managing Director at Morgan Philips Middle East & Africa, who will attend this key african summit :

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