Morgan Philips Group announces strategic acquisition in Europe!


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  There are many advantages to being a challenger, even when it comes to recruiting talented candidates. Not being a market leader does not make your company unattractive, far from it! In recent times, we have witnessed the appearance of new positions, usually within large companies, focused on headhunting and… Read more


  Automation, Optimization and Decision Support For the most pessimistic, robots and other intelligent machines will soon be able to replace all humans at work. For others, these high-performance solutions are a tremendous opportunity to develop our professions. In fact, the revolution is already underway. Retail brand chatbots who speak… Read more

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  Fyte the innovative recruitment firm   A year after opening its office in Mexico with the Morgan Philips Executive Search brand, Morgan Philips Group is pleased to announce the creation of its new brand Fyte in Mexico City.   Laurent Mandato will head Fyte Mexico with a team of… Read more


On Thursday 21st September 2017, in collaboration with the consultancy firm Business&Decision, Morgan Philips Switzerland undertook a closer analysis of what digital transformation may hold in store for Human Resources Managers. This is an overview of some of the key points raised at this conference which generated excited, and exciting,… Read more


While for a long time now Switzerland has stood shoulder to shoulder with London as one of Europe’s leading family office hubs, these companies remain a source of mystery for a large number of candidates. There follows a number of important insights into recruitment in this booming industry and its… Read more


According to a report by the United Nations, the global population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050, a 34% increase in today’s population. This change, of course, raises questions about our ability to meet the future needs of a growing population. Such growth will impact all emerging countries. According to… Read more


Are transport and logistics jobs “men’s work”? The cliché is one of a hard life, but in truth the tide seems to be turning with recruitment taking on a growing female influence. This is particularly true following a realignment and evolution of roles in the sector. A number of years… Read more

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  Transitional assignments: experts in ever increasing demand While this might be a well-established practice in certain European countries, and particularly so in France, in Switzerland we are seeing increased use of transitional assignments in the legal (or compliance) sector. They fulfil a number of objectives: organisational transformation, external growth,… Read more


  The impact of Compliance Commitment on Economic Crime The Compliance Culture can be understood as a subculture of corporate culture, which should lead to a common orientation of the values, norms and traditions within the company. A Compliance Vision statement and a Compliance Mission statement should therefore act as… Read more


  Nowadays, nobody could deny that the rapid evolution of technology seen over recent years, and further still its permeation of companies, particularly given that for the last 5 years each and every one of us has had a device capable of extraordinary calculating power tucked away in our pockets,… Read more