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Morgan Philips Group announced José Fernández-Torres as the Director of Morgan Philips Talent Consulting for the German speaking market. José has a proven successful track record of more than 20 years of business experience on an international level. José has been working in various leadership roles for global companies. During… Read more


This time, I would like to discuss the current conditions and difficulties with recruiting qualified personnel in the transportation sector. I am reporting from my perspective as Senior Consultant at Morgan Philips Executive Search, where I lead the field of Logistics and Supply Chain for Germany. From my conversations with… Read more


“Learn to learn”. This seems to be the motto of the digital era, making news headlines this past decade. Summoning precious and coveted skills through self-learning should be the priority of every individual to improve their employability. It is all the more important when we know that “85% of the… Read more


    The watchmaking industry has traditionally recruited talent from its own ranks. A true strength to develop an exceptional product, a rare know-how. These past years have involved a reassessment for recruitment due to various well-known factors: strong Swiss franc, declining markets, increased competition etc. In addition, the watchmaking… Read more

A reflection of 2018’s digital trends

I was reading the McKinsey Quarterly publication, dated 2nd February 2018, titled “Digital trends and observations from 2018’. It articulated two key trends – the first, the growth of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), and the second, the increasing traction of blockchain. It also highlighted the increasing need for talent, concerns over… Read more

Unleashing Your Hiring Capability

For the benefit of those who are not directly involved in this process: recruiting is not simply hiring but it’s a whole package of processes ; attracting, selecting and hiring suitable candidates for the job. However, over time, corporate cultures saw and experienced a drastic change in hiring processes; today… Read more

Top 3 Skills Logistics Companies want to recruit in 2018

The face of the typical logistics professional has morphed. This has resulted in the process of recruitment in the logistics and supply chain industries being more streamlined to identify innovative candidates who can speak the right mix of languages, with the right set of skills. In addition to logistics professionals,… Read more


Swiss Employment Market: Technical Professions Are the Most Sought After Anticipated GDP growth and better economic conditions suggest that employment offers will increase in certain sectors. Technical and manufacturing professions are the most sought after.     The Swiss Ministry of Economy, known as the Secrétariat d’État à l’économie (SECO),… Read more


  There are many advantages to being a challenger, even when it comes to recruiting talented candidates. Not being a market leader does not make your company unattractive, far from it! In recent times, we have witnessed the appearance of new positions, usually within large companies, focused on headhunting and… Read more


  Automation, Optimization and Decision Support For the most pessimistic, robots and other intelligent machines will soon be able to replace all humans at work. For others, these high-performance solutions are a tremendous opportunity to develop our professions. In fact, the revolution is already underway. Retail brand chatbots who speak… Read more