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JOHANNESBURG-Which are the most attractive cities in Africa

Today, Africa is a continent in full bloom, and questions regarding the attractiveness of its cities are being asked more and more often. Indeed, with a dozen countries (Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Ghana, etc.), showing a sustained and steady growth for several years now, feeding, housing, educating, providing health… Read more

Medical Device germany

Healthcare & Life Science – Expert Article January 2017 “Germany is the biggest market for medical devices in Europe!“ This is quite true so everyone wants to have a piece of the “big cake”. Mainly the US companies and their German subsidiaries are the major player in this big market…. Read more

insights of how to stay competitive and innovate in the recruitment field

Read the last interview with Rémi Fouilloy published in January 2017 edition of THE KHUBE newsletter (KPMG Hub for Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg).  >> PDF version   Rémi Fouilloy, co-founder of Morgan Philips & Fyte, is at the spotlight of this issue’s innovation section. Rémi leads the company’s headhunting andrecruitment in Belgium and… Read more

Étude de rémunération Fonction Commerciale - Afrique de l’Ouest

  Introduction Launching a new structure can only be achieved successfully thanks to a strong dedicated sales team. Even before a legal entity is created, a team of business developers must act as the « first on the ground » in order to create a network of partners and prepare for the… Read more


“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimension.”   With each new experience, whether it be positive or negative, we discover something new about ourselves.  But, this is not praising inconsistency; rather it is recognizing the opportunities which are offered to us.  Imagine this –… Read more


“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent” – Wittgenstein and waffle.   Recruiters (and often company directors) like to ask candidates at the end of the interview for a written summary of their understanding of the vacancy, what the challenges are and finally what abilities they have to… Read more

What do you think of yourself?

Who hasn’t wondered what type of question a recruiter could ask during a job interview?  Whatever a person’s expertise or experience, it is easy to be put off balance by an unprepared for question. It is rather usual for a recruiter to suggest a candidate present his or her qualities… Read more


To raise or not to raise, that is the question. Dry Bulk Market Trends in First Half of 2014 The Millennial generation #CAREERFRIDAY N°2 – Understanding the job market


  The Real and its Double in management   Still relatively unknown, Clément Rosset (1939 – …) is considered by most of his peers, not least Raphaël Enthoven, to be the greatest living French philosopher. Deeply influenced by Spinoza, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, for the last thirty years he has been… Read more


A fin de acelerar su crecimiento en el continente americano, Morgan Philips Group tiene el placer de anunciar la apertura de su primera oficina en América Latina en México.   Morgan Philips Group después de tres años ha revolucionado el mercado de reclutamiento diseñando un innovador modelo económico que ofrece… Read more